Dr Tahira Akcar

Online Tutor
  • Gender: Female
  • Qualification: Ph.D in Gender Studies &MPhiL in English Linguistics &M.A. in English Language and Literature
  • Experience: 17 years
  • Agree for One Trial: Yes
  • Online Tutor
  • Lahore (Remote)

English. Business Communication, Gender Studies, Interpersonal Skills

I am an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry with distinction. I am skilled in coaching, mentoring, educational leadership, teacher training, capacity building, curriculum development, educational planning and management. My Ph.D. and M.Phil. have greatly groomed my communication, management, and marketing skills, in addition to opening new avenues of knowledge and education. Being a strong human resource, Author, Speaker, Poetess, Professional Educationist, Debater and Orator, enriched with extensive experience of working in the top-notch educational institutes and Universities can be a catalyst to bring a positive change in the professional lives of my students. Being an enthusiastic person, I always try to open new vistas and explore the unknown to move forward with this firm belief that:

“Man is essentially ignorant, and becomes learned through acquiring knowledge”

Ibn Khaldun

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