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Syed Ateeq Hussain

Accounting, Finance, Economics, Taxation, English, Mathematics, Statistics and Cost accounting
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Home Tutoring with Tuition Staff is a home tuition and online tutoring service committed to provide well qualified and experienced home tutor for the provision of  tuition at home of students and technologically well-equipped online tutor for online tutoring across the globe. Parents or students can find tutoring with qualified, experienced and responsible home tutors for tuition at home or they can find online tutor for online tutoring. tutoring service is unique in term of fee packages and tuition service both. What Tuition Staff charges as fee, it returns more than it.

Education is Our Mission Not a Business

We reckons education as a mission not a business. We have missionary passion for education and tutoring. Our home and online tutors are budget friendly and low fee demanding. Our tutors can deliver home tuition and online tutoring at affordable fee package. They are always willing to teach you or your children for a fee package comparable less than other tutoring service providers. This is the reason that majority of the parents and students search for tutors at Tuition Staff online tuition websites. Tuition Staff aims at returning the money invested by parents on the education of their children with the multiple interest in future.

Portfolio of Our Students

Tuition Staff is a highly professional organisation committed to the quality of education. Tuition Staff keeps an online portfolio of each individual student accessible anytime by parents or students themselves. This online portfolio helps in tracking the educational record of students and assessing their progress in education. Our home tuition and online tutoring both are unique in term of services.

Ever First Time Smart Monitoring of Tuition at Home and Online Tutoring

The services of Tuition Staff are unique in term of responsibility. Unlike the other Home Tutoring companies who just take their commission from the first fee and after that they have no concern with the student or parents, we fully monitor our home tutors performance and students’ progress on daily basis through smart monitoring and provide a daily report to parents with full feedback. Now parents can be tension free of their children education because we provide tuition at home or online tutoring with responsible and committed home tutors who are expert in their profession.

Weekly Assessment of Student

Tuition Staff never make compromise on the quality of education. To assess the performance of tutor and progress of student both are very important for us. We register only those tutors for home tuition and online tutoring who are expert at teaching methodologies and assessment. Tuition Staff itself conduct third party assessment to check the progress of students. Our online and at home assessment both helps students and parents to measure their own progress in a particular subject. Quality of education is top priority of Tuition Staff.

Daily Feedback

Feedback is from students or parents to a tutor or from a tutor to students or parents is the missing component of all the home tutoring services except the Tuition Staff. We collect feedback from tutor on daily basis about the progress of students. The same feedback is forwarded to students or parents so that they may be well aware of efforts and assessment of our tutors. Feedback from students or parents helps our home tutors to review their content and teaching methods. We keep both tutors and parents in touch with each other.

Testimonials of Our Home Tutoring Service

Our testimonials illustrate the real difference we make building confidence,unlocking potential, improving performance, and achieving result.

  • I am satisfied with Tuition Staff home tutoring service. It provides tension free smart monitoring of tutor and child. Muhammad Ashfaq Multan

  • The best tuition service accross Pakistan. First home tutoring service with proper monitoring and assessment. Ashraf Malik Islamabad

  • An excellent tutoring service with qualified and experienced team. I recommend Tuition Staff to all parentss. Ghulam Siddique Mianwali

  • No doubt this is the only home tuition service of Pakistan with major focus on teaching , assessment and monitoring. Abdul Malik Lahore

  • I am satisfied with Tuition Staff. It built my son confidence and ensured good grades in his education career. Zahid Iqbal Rawalpindi

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